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Where Ideas Launch is both a podcast and a learning and development platform, offering support to people leading positive impact careers, and designing game changing businesses for the planet.


Where Ideas Launch The Podcast For the Sustainable Innovator - Show notes and Episode back stories

Katherine Byam Exploring Questions on Where Ideas Launch - The Podcast for the Sustainable Innovator

000 Exploring the Question – What Problems Do You Want to Solve?

This podcast aims to:

Challenge the status quo: show you how to speak truth to power, in a way that sparks momentum for change.

We will explore creativity from the eyes of educators, business people, entrepreneurs, and artists.

We will examine sustainable clothing brands, sustainable business models, and other ways to support the UN sustainable development goals.

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001 Sustainable Business Trends in Luxury Brands

Where Ideas Launch – The Podcast for the Sustainable Innovator had the pleasure of interviewing Isabelle Chaboud on her insights on how luxury brands are becoming more sustainable.

Isabelle is an inspiration to her students past and present, as she does finance with style and flair. Her articles have been viewed more than 350000 times, a testament to the value she brings.

This podcast explores:

The financial impact of the pandemic on luxury brands bottom line.
The trends in sustainable change and whats driving it.
The upskilling needed by people adversely impacted by the pandemic.

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002 How to build a resilient business

3 Questions with Alex Osterwalder:

What’s your why – what question gets you out of bed every morning with a burning desire to solve it?

We know in our world today we have a burning platform of sustainability. What do you currently see as the role of business in solving these problems?

We know from your work that Innovation is heavily influenced by a company’s culture. What are the top 3 things that companies with a great innovation culture do to sustain that culture and expand their economic

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