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063 Let’s Talk Supply Chain

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey is a logistician turned supply chain mogul; passionate about collaboration, transparency, diversity – and doing better business. As the host of popular podcast, Let’s Talk Supply Chain, Sarah puts people right at the forefront of an industry that’s traditionally been about stats and numbers. Let's talk sustainable supply chains.

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056 The Founder’s Mental Health

Myriam Dorsett is a serial entrepreneur and fulltime artist and community activator. Her passions are the arts, community technology and sustainability. In 2016, She founded the connection company Chibur. In 2018, they launched their first product, and she’s working toward launching a few new products as well this year. We talk about the sustainable founder's mental health.

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055 – Green Finance

Mairead Taylor is an active supporter and advocate of businesses across the doorsets consoling area, having been part of Northwest for over 30 years and working with small, medium and large businesses for the past 20 years. We talk about the urgency for SMEs to begin the sustainability transition.

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047 Minting Your Brand

Michelle Miller is the Owner and Creative Director of Minty Made, a sustainable branding, web design and green marketing studio. After spending over a decade in corporate marketing and sales, Michelle's mission is to empower businesses to reach more customers and expand their impact while lessening their footprint. Minty Made is based in Seattle, Washington but serves clients worldwide. We talk about "How to Build A Sustainable Brand and Website While Lessening Your Digital Carbon Footprint."

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045 Sustainable Success and Style

Yvonne Phillip, a.k.a. Yves, is a brand strategist, stylist and self-care advocate. She believes that you have to stand out to fit in. And not only do you have to stand out to fit in; if women sustain themselves, they can sustain the world. Tune to explore the topic of your personal brand with the queen of sustainable style.

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042 Digital Footprints

Polly Buckland sat on the client-side in a marketing manager role at BMW UK Ltd before founding what is now The Typeface Group (TFG) in 2010. She’s an ideas person blending creativity and commercial awareness to ensure the delivery team at TFG do just that. The Typeface Group is on a mission to give ambitious businesses robust websites that not only help achieve growth but are carbon considerate.

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