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Guilt Free Branding with Gabriela Jauregui

081 Guilt Free Branding

Gabriela Jauregui is the founder of The GuiltFree Agency. She is a brand strategist and Google Certified UX Designer. The Guilt Free Agency produces eco-inclusive strategies & equitable designs. They help sustainably conscious, inclusive, and social business showcase its values while building a community around their brand.

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Youth Perspectives 1 - Food Security with Belinda Ng on Where Ideas Launch with Katherine Ann Byam

078 -Youth Perspectives 1: Food Security with Belinda Ng

Belinda Ng, is a client, friend and inspiration to me. she shares her thoughts on employment at major corporations, and on food security in this episode. "The question that comes up for me is how much of this is really embedded within what they're doing? And it's true to their core purpose? Or is it really just, you know, controversial greenwashing. And that they're just kind of saying this, because it's kind of part of a cool, trendy thing that all companies are doing now. And they can have a lot of money to market themselves in this way. But I think actually, I'm more hopeful than I am cautious. There's the cautious element is more that it's making sure I still have that critical mindset that my education has really shaped me to have to not just take things at face value, but really try and explore deeper ask critical questions"

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075 Demystifying Nutrition and Feeding

Sarah Almond Bushell is an award-winning Registered Dietitian, ex NHS Consultant child nutritionist of 22 years and founder of ‘The Children’s Nutritionist’ who is working to reduce the stress around mealtimes for parents and is passionate about helping to cut the ties of generational eating habits, fuelled by misinformation and desperation tactics.

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Where Ideas Launch Episode 072 With Susan Krumdieck on Transition Engineering hosted by Katherine Ann Byam

072 Transition Engineering

Professor and Chair in Sustainable Energy Transition Engineering at Herriott-Watt University, Susan Krumdieck is also an Author, Podcaster and Documentarian on Transition Engineering. She brings some incredible insights. Before this recording, Susan said to me, the interesting thing emerging from her sustainable energy journey is that the role of engineering in the economy and policy is huge and not well understood, even by engineers. Today she wants us to dive into the underbelly of the economy where the engineers drive the engines of progress, and destruction… Sounds ominous!

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Where Ideas Launch - Interview with Jenny K Wright - The Ins and Outs of Migration

071 The Ins and Outs of Migration

Jenny K Wright owner and consultant of Nomad Consulting. Jenny has been either working or volunteering with migration and migrants since 2001. She's relied on her project management research and communication skills to dedicate over a decade of her life to consulting for nonprofits and international organisations worldwide. She is currently working for the International Organisation for migration, IOM having globe trotting around half the world and soon to be living in her 10 country.

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062 The Sustainability Puzzle

Alice is an advisor and an advocate and an author on global sustainability and social transformation. And she’s passionate about gathering, collating and distilling deep insights on global systemic challenges and solutions regarding environmental and economic sustainability, as well as social justice.

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