This learning path provides guidance for people leading corporate careers but want to make a difference where they are.

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Do What Matters - Book and Podcast by Katherine Ann Byam - Host of Where Ideas Launch.

079 Do What Matters

" I think my favourite exercise when I started this book with my book coach was to write the publishers headline, and think about what I'd want people to say about the book. I'm going to share this with you now - let me know what you think!! "Insightful, unconventional, structured, and providing the reader with a framework that flexes to their needs and individual contexts and encompasses storytelling, practical advice and coaching in one comprehensive stream of thought, and provides you with the tools to make those tough career decisions with greater ease. It is a remarkably easy, thought provoking read"

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Youth Perspectives 1 - Food Security with Belinda Ng on Where Ideas Launch with Katherine Ann Byam

078 -Youth Perspectives 1: Food Security with Belinda Ng

Belinda Ng, is a client, friend and inspiration to me. she shares her thoughts on employment at major corporations, and on food security in this episode. "The question that comes up for me is how much of this is really embedded within what they're doing? And it's true to their core purpose? Or is it really just, you know, controversial greenwashing. And that they're just kind of saying this, because it's kind of part of a cool, trendy thing that all companies are doing now. And they can have a lot of money to market themselves in this way. But I think actually, I'm more hopeful than I am cautious. There's the cautious element is more that it's making sure I still have that critical mindset that my education has really shaped me to have to not just take things at face value, but really try and explore deeper ask critical questions"

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063 Let’s Talk Supply Chain

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey is a logistician turned supply chain mogul; passionate about collaboration, transparency, diversity – and doing better business. As the host of popular podcast, Let’s Talk Supply Chain, Sarah puts people right at the forefront of an industry that’s traditionally been about stats and numbers. Let's talk sustainable supply chains.

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055 – Green Finance

Mairead Taylor is an active supporter and advocate of businesses across the doorsets consoling area, having been part of Northwest for over 30 years and working with small, medium and large businesses for the past 20 years. We talk about the urgency for SMEs to begin the sustainability transition.

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034 Sustainable Supply and Sourcing

Using the TECK method to improve your supply chain sustainability and resilience, from our host Katherine Ann Byam, Business Resilience Strategist & leadership Coach. TECK Stands for Transparency, Energy, Circularity and Knowledge. Tune in to learn more, and share your thoughts with us! we are on instagram @whereideaslaunch

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027 + 028 Human Potential

Chris Pirie – CEO of the Learning Futures Group is an experienced talent leader, obsessed with making the future workplace better. Formerly a Global VP of Online Learning at Oracle and Chief Learning Officer of Microsoft, Chris’s entire career has been spent working at the intersection between Workplace Learning and Technology. I discovered his podcast, and really enjoyed being able to host this conversation with him.

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026 Future Capital

Dr Janez Potočnik is a prominent strategist on circular business model development around the world. He joined me to discuss the future of capital. A former government minster of the republic of Slovenia, he became a Member of the European Commission in 2004. In 2014 he was appointed as a Co-Chair of International resource Panel hosted by the UN Environment Programme.

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