Interviews with sustainably minded start ups to provide a road map of experience for your journey

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The Full Freezer - Kate Hall on Where Ideas Launch

082 The Full Freezer

Kate Hall is the Founder of The Full Freezer™ and author of the e-book ‘The Full Freezer (Save Food, Save Time, Save Money)’. Kate helps households to reduce their food waste and cook from scratch more easily by using their home freezers more effectively. Unlike batch cooking, The Full Freezer Method is completely flexible and allows families to easily enjoy a wide variety of meals without any waste.

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Youth Perspectives 2 - Sustainable Periods with Sarah Udin - On Where Ideas Launch Hosted by Katherine Ann Byam

080 Youth Perspectives 2 – Sustainable Periods

Sara Udin is a client, friend and absolute go getter and one for youth voices in celebrating on the podcast. She spoke to me about what it's like being a Brit starting a business based in Cambodia. "These were all huge things for me to both emotionally, and obviously commercially to overcome when starting a period business in a country where periods are not spoken about periods are not considered clean they are to do with your beauty and intelligence. It's shown me that the period of education is missing. And that's why we're going to provide it.

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Where Ideas launch - The Sustainable Innovation Podcast Hosting Sam Pitman and Marie Lockwood - A subscription to heal the planet

073 A Subscription to Heal the Planet

Marie Lockwood is a teacher and the founder of Rebyl Vybes Rebyl Vybes - Helping you to enjoy life's little pleasures in a sustainable way. She and her mom prepare and ship home kits for those looking to start on their eco journey and pamper boxes so that you can indulge in some guilt free pleasure on a subscription model basis. Sam Pitman is an occupational therapist and the Co-founder of Eco Essex, an online community supporting you on your eco journey. Tune in to learn more about how they are making an impact.

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069 Waste to Wealth

Roz started Mannakin from nothing, not even the mannequins, but she was determined to use her business acumen and creativity to create a meaningful sustainable business. Whilst researching mannequins she found an opportunity to create a business out of hiring them, to provide for her children while freeing herself from the restrictions of poverty.

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068 Breaking Gender Bias Thread by Thread

Sally Dear is the founder of Ducky Zebra, a childrenswear brand that challenges the outdated gender stereotypes found in high-street kids’ clothing. She was frustrated by the impact of gender stereotypes on her children. The language they were hearing, TV they were watching, games they were playing, and the clothes they were wearing, so she decided to tackle one of these areas, clothing, as a means to changing the narrative.

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065 Green Cloud Nine

Lola Fernandez is the Founder and CEO at Green Cloud Nine. During the nearly 25 years she built a corporate career, she had a sense to do something more. She started toying with the idea of her own business, where she could set the values to align to what she really believed in. She left the corporate world to embark on the biggest adventure of her life, founding Green Cloud Nine.

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064 Share More, Waste Less

Tessa Clarke is Co-Founder & CEO of OLIO, a free app tackling the problem of waste by connecting neighbours with each other, and volunteers with local businesses, so that surplus food & other household items can be given away, not thrown away. OLIO has grown to 5 million users in just over 5 years, and its impact has been widely recognised, most notably by the United Nations who highlighted OLIO as a "beacon” for the world, and by Vivatech who awarded OLIO "Next European Unicorn".

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