A series of podcast guides to help you navigate business and sustainability decisions from Katherine Ann Byam – Host and Founder of Where Ideas Launch.

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The Commercial Opportunities in Writing a book on Where Ideas Launch - Sustainable Innovation Podcast with Katherine Ann Byam

083 The Commercial Opportunity in Writing a Book

Is writing and publishing a book a good strategy for business and professional growth? Conclusion - do it, with clarity on your strategy. Tune in to this episode for some key insights for your book writing journey.

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Do What Matters - Book and Podcast by Katherine Ann Byam - Host of Where Ideas Launch.

079 Do What Matters

" I think my favourite exercise when I started this book with my book coach was to write the publishers headline, and think about what I'd want people to say about the book. I'm going to share this with you now - let me know what you think!! "Insightful, unconventional, structured, and providing the reader with a framework that flexes to their needs and individual contexts and encompasses storytelling, practical advice and coaching in one comprehensive stream of thought, and provides you with the tools to make those tough career decisions with greater ease. It is a remarkably easy, thought provoking read"

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Abortion ESG - Katherine Ann Byam on Where Ideas Launch

077 Abortion ESG

Abortion ESG is a term I've coined to describe the implications of abortion on the environment, the societies that form us, and the governance tha's meant to protects us. A friend introduced me to the term Cognitive Polyphasia where different knowledge and rationales live side by side in one person. And this is definitely something we are all experiencing when attempting to tackle complex issues in order to make deliberate choices. If we consider that all lives matter, the dissonance becomes even louder. Because we take so much life in the broad sense of bandwidth, in order that we may preserve our own. This is precisely the decision many women make of the people I know personally around the world who have gone through the ordeal of terminating a pregnancy. I don't recall meeting a single one who is proud of it, talks openly about it, or does not sometimes wonder what could have been.

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The Profit Maximising Goal of Companies - Where Ideas Launch - Session by Katherine Ann Byam

076 The Profit Maximising Goal of Companies

Should companies focus exclusively on maximising profit? Nothing in life is that straightfoward, and certainly not today when our understanding of how our world works has had quantum leaps. In this episode I explore the legacy of Milton Friedman with some needed food for thought on profit vs purpose.

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052 Becoming The CEO

It really fascinates me how much reference we place in titles, it seems they are woven into the fabric of the story, we tell ourselves every day about our accomplishments, or what is what we’re entitled to. But the titles truly serve us, or more importantly, help us to become better servant leaders? This is the question that I put to myself today on this episode.

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050 Eco Business Growth Club Incubator

this incubator was conceptualised after I started working with Women in Sustainable Business in October 2020. And I started to learn what are the challenges that small businesses and micro businesses are facing, and then thinking really broadly about how I can help solve those challenges with the community that I have, the networks that I built, and the structures that are taking off today in terms of digital and technology and platforms. Find out more.

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046 Green Commerce

Preparing to go to market is separate from going to market; there are a host of other decisions that need to be made at this stage, principally around audience building and or client attraction. For product marketers, it includes critical supply chain decisions, as well as the choice of commercial strategy. For service businesses, as well as product businesses it is about audience building, generating a buzz and excitement for your product, being visible and discoverable online, and the different paid and organic means to realise these objectives.

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