Purpose or intention is a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future.

Purpose may also refer to:

Goal, a desired result or possible outcome
Motivation, a driving factor for actions, willingness, and goals
Determination or resolve

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Do What Matters - Book and Podcast by Katherine Ann Byam - Host of Where Ideas Launch.

079 Do What Matters

" I think my favourite exercise when I started this book with my book coach was to write the publishers headline, and think about what I'd want people to say about the book. I'm going to share this with you now - let me know what you think!! "Insightful, unconventional, structured, and providing the reader with a framework that flexes to their needs and individual contexts and encompasses storytelling, practical advice and coaching in one comprehensive stream of thought, and provides you with the tools to make those tough career decisions with greater ease. It is a remarkably easy, thought provoking read"

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The Profit Maximising Goal of Companies - Where Ideas Launch - Session by Katherine Ann Byam

076 The Profit Maximising Goal of Companies

Should companies focus exclusively on maximising profit? Nothing in life is that straightfoward, and certainly not today when our understanding of how our world works has had quantum leaps. In this episode I explore the legacy of Milton Friedman with some needed food for thought on profit vs purpose.

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012 Managing Learning & Change

I met Dr Nicole Tschierske during a women tech workshop, and later joined her Women in Stem Reimagined Course as a guest Speaker. We talked about important skills in organisations for the next 2 years as well as tips for organisational transformation Tune in to learn from this business executive and positive psychology coach!

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011 Fresher Food Fitter Planet

We talked to Mathilde Jakobsen about Fresh.Land and how the company started challenges on the road and lessons learnt. Fresh.land shortens the journey from farm to table by connecting farmers, logistic partners and consumers in one integrated digital platform, reducing the middle men, increasing farmer income, and reducing carbon by 88% Tune in!

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010 Leverage Your Strengths for Social Good

I met Anna Derinova-Hartmann at an International Women in Tech conference, and found her approach to development incredibly refreshing. We discuss her motivation to become an ally for social equality and the key focus areas for sustainable development She has also learned some valuable lessons in creating partnerships that's well worth a listen.

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